Strategie. Umsetzung. Mit Prinzip.


Why choose Alerion

We are a consulting firm with a strong personality and a clear entrepreneurial mindset. We are totally committed to our customers and their success. Even when a challenge turns out to be greater than expected, we keep working to get our customer ahead of the game. We delight in turning your strategy into concrete, lasting success.

We take responsibility

  • Alerion brings you sustainable, long-term success without ever losing sight of the short-term operative aspects and the feasibility of our projects.
  • Alerion is totally committed to its customers, every single time. Even when a challenge turns out to be greater than expected, Alerion keeps working to get its customer ahead of the game.

We use our resources carefully

  • Alerion treats its internal and external human, financial and natural resources with great care and economic diligence.
  • Alerion takes a stand for conditions that are conducive to lasting health, well-being and productivity 

We keep learning

  • Alerion actively engages in a constructive exchange of knowledge to create lasting value both functionally and economically
  • Alerion is an ever-learning organisation that transparently passes the latest developments, innovations and trends on to its customers.
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